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To minimize misclarification, eliminate unhealthy untoward competition, reduce recital pressure and to provide student with more flexibility and to head to a focus an a better learning environment, Continuous Grading system of evaluation has been introduced.

The school exposes the child to hobbies like reading, sketching, writing, cartooning and gardening etc. Consistent individual monitoring of every student enable the teachers to recognize the field in which a particular child can excel. To achieve this aim the number of student in each class is restricted to maintain an ideal teacher student ration.

The Teachers take care of that the home assignment is completed by the day pre decided. They guide how to complete the home work in time as well as time management for further studies. The corrected version of the home assignments helps the students to be aware to their errors and evaluate their own capabilities and weaknesses.

The School gives special emphasis on proper Spoken English and correct method of conversation. Teachers communicate and interact with students only in English so that the students could pickup the communicative language easily at a faster speed.

Up to primary level the inclination of a child in various fields is being, judged. Student’ s basic aptitude is located from Std. VI onwards, we motivate them towards their career in which they have special aptitude and interest. +2 stage is completely a career-oriented stage of education. We plan to prepare students to decide by the time they appear at the Board Examination at secondary level to make up their minds as to where their interest lies.