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Science is not only knowledge but also an art. This art is explored, experimented & practiced in Science Labs.  

Students enjoy doing the: -

• Fun Experiments
• Science fair ideas
• Organic/ Inorganic chemical handling & analysis.
• Day to day Electrical & Electronic component usage.
• Magical power of magnets.
• Light Characteristics.
• Life Science activities.
• Micro Organisms slides.
• Human Anatomy charts
• Models
• Dissecting sets
• Microscope




Computer is taught as a compulsory subject from Std. – III onwards. 

Our computer lab is equipped with computers & is open to all students. All computers have access to applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases & programming in a variety of languages like LOGO, BASIC, HTML, C & C++. The computers are equipped with network access to allow students to explore the internet.


Mathematics laboratory is an important section of school here students perform syllabus based activities & projects. As per CBSE requirements the school encourages teachers & students to make use of Math lab as much as possible. In order to make learning of mathematics more pragmatic & life oriented at the school level.Well equiped Mathematics Lab with all facilities.

 Main Objectives of Math Lab are:-

  • Making teaching & learning of the subject interactive, participatory, fun filling & joyful from primary stage of schooling.
  • Strengthening the learning of mathematical concepts through concrete materials & hands on experiences.
  • Relating classroom learning to real life situations & discourage role & mechanical learning.
  • Providing tools & instruments for practical verification of mathematical concepts.
  • The fear for study of mathematics should be diffused.
  • The learning of mathematics should be made more pragmatic & life oriented at the school level.
  • There is a need to improve the pedagogy in mathematics to enhance analytical & critical thinking.
  • The students can be evaluated on their mathematical skills by continuous & comprehensive evaluation.